What is DOOH and how does it apply to the fitness industry? The OOH, AH, and DOOH!

Ad displays in New York City

Picture any footage of New York City – in movies, shows, the news – they seem to always show Times Square. All those brightly flashing signs going 24-7 are D-O-O-H advertising. It is all around us. You pass it all the time. Digital screens can be found in the airport, along the highway, in front of stores or in malls, and even in many doctor’s offices! 

D-O-O-H stands for Digital Out-of-Home. D-O-O-H Advertising is digital advertising that is out in public places using a digital screen and advertising technology. While the concept is simple, it is much more than just throwing an advertisement up on the screen…D-O-O-H is about DATA. 

As you are probably aware from advertising your own business, having the wrong ad in the wrong place can be a huge waste of money. Large companies dedicate many resources to identifying the best groups to advertise to, what to say to them, and how to understand the return on their investment. 

When they purchase these large digital billboards, it is because they are confident that they are getting the right message in front of the right people.

So, how can DOOH advertising apply to the fitness industry? 

You have the right people! Health club consumers are highly desirable. On average, health club members are highly educated and typically have disposable income. Plus, your members are repeatedly interacting with your brand. This gives other companies the opportunity to ensure their message is reaching your highly-coveted consumer.

D-O-O-H Advertising is a non-intrusive method to inform, entertain, and advertise to your members. This does not just mean selling advertising all the time. In addition to creating more revenue through ad sales, your network can boost your own brand as well! You can create loyalty through showcasing member stories and successes, such as major fitness goals or showing up to class several times per week. Many clubs showcase staff excellence as well. You can also promote your own services, such as personal training or your smoothie bar. Digital signage has been shown to increase final purchase amounts by up to 29.5%!

Are my members going to be upset if I remove the music videos I’m already playing?

Over the past decade, prior to COVID, the fitness industry has evolved with the content that is used within the clubs. Many clubs have discontinued use of music playing throughout speakers in the facility. Today’s consumers are using their phones and iPads, and either streaming movies and shows or listening to their own playlist. Plus, depending on your audience, you may have even had members complain about the music or videos playing at some point. 

There are alternatives to playing music. These are often less expensive and aren’t using a valuable resource that you can monetize – your screens! Even if you feel the music creates the atmosphere you want in your space, it is likely that the videos aren’t doing your atmosphere as much good as digital signage will do to your bottom line. 

How much could I make?

It can vary. A number of factors come into play, but the income potential is actually limitless depending on what you dedicate to it. Depending on your traffic and average household income, your per advertiser income may be high or low. However, there’s really no limit to the number of advertisers you can acquire. 

Where do I start?

Let’s talk! We can give you an estimate on how much to charge, how many TVs you need, and how to develop a prospect list – all in our no obligation, free consult.