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Building a network is not as difficult as it may seem. But, it is not easy either! We will work with you every step of the way to create a D-O-O-H Network within your club that enhances your club and your community.

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D-O-O-H doesn't have to start big with a ton of screens. You can easily start with one screen. We are a crawl before you walk, run, burpee, and deadlift company. Although, we can help with some of the heavy lifting!

Time isn't free. Businesses will pay to be on your network and pay to have access to your members. Plus, your D-O-O-H Network can complement your other revenue streams like Personal Training, Massage, Cafe, Child Care, and more!

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What is a D-O-O-H?

Well, it isn’t just a Homer Simpson exclamation! A Digital Out-of-Home Network or DOOH Media Network is any digital media that is consumed outside of the home. You would see most DOOH Networks in high traffic, public areas like airports, train stations, malls, or even Times Square! How much do you think it is to be on those signs?

Why D-O-O-H in health/fitness clubs, gyms, country clubs, and community centers?
They have amazing audiences! Your club is a social event! These facilities have members that are in their clubs for numerous hours and are usually active within the club and the outside community.
Will it work at your club?
It depends. Give us call. Send us an email. We can do a quick consultation and evaluation. We will be glad to assist you! No fee. We are in this together!

What We Provide

  • Site Survey & Evaluation
  • 90-Day Club-Branded Ad Content Calendar
  • Playbook
  • Timeline & revenue Projection
  • Sales Training for Profit Centers
  • Ad Sales & Net Revenue Share
  • Creative Design Assistance for Internal Ads
  • Software Licensing
  • DRS Media Players
  • Advertiser Account Management
  • Hardware Management/Service
  • Coaching Calls

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Start building your new 6-figure revenue stream!