About Us

More than a decade ago, we launched a digital-out-of-home (DOOH) network at a top 100 health club. As a brand new state-of-the-art-club, one of the features was an expansive network of more than 20 TVs throughout the building. Originally used to display music videos and internal advertising, the network quickly became a point of interest for business-owning members. With a combination of unhappy suburban moms who didn’t like the pop music videos that played incessantly and a few businesses¬† who were eager to get in front of our members, our “Digital Advertising Department” was born.


Fast forward 12 years and the network has grown to more than a quarter-million dollar revenue generator, of which more than 50% is profit. While many similar clubs have launched community partnership programs, we often have heard over the years that their programs are not only stunted, but are difficult and time-consuming to manage compared to the revenue they bring to the balance sheet.


For these reasons, Digital Revenue Systems was born. It is our mission to help club owners across the country build profitable and easy-to-manage DOOH networks.

We are here to help you