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The Founders of Digital Revenue Systems (DRS) are not new to the digital signage world for the fitness industry. With over 10 years of experience by working for a Top 10 Single-Location club in the United States. As a state-of-the-art-club, one of the features was an expansive network of more than 20 digital displays throughout the building. Originally used to display music videos and internal advertising, the network quickly became a point of interest for business-owning members. With a combination of unhappy suburban moms who didn’t like the pop music videos that played incessantly and a few businesses who were eager to get in front of our members, our “Digital Advertising Department” was born.

Fast forward 14 years and the network has grown to more than a quarter-million dollar revenue generator, of which more than 50% is profit. While many similar clubs have launched community partnership programs and digital signage networks, we often have heard over the years that their programs are not only stunted, but are difficult and time-consuming to manage compared to the revenue they bring to the balance sheet.

For these reasons, Digital Revenue Systems was born. It is our mission to help club owners across the country build profitable and easy-to-manage digital signage networks.


Digital Revenue Systems is here to help grow your business and provide your club with the tools to succeed.

Sales Training for Profit Centers

The profit centers within your club need to know about your new digital signage network. It is a communication tool that will help their departments grow. DRS will help train your staff on how to use the digital signage network effectively.

Ad Sales & Net Revenue Share

DRS sells ad space on your network on your behalf. You don’t need to worry about hiring new employees or adding onto the duties of current employees. DRS will take care of the prospecting, sales, compliance, contracts, account management, and billing for all the businesses that advertise on your network. We just write you a check!

Creative Design Assistance for Your In-Club Ads

DRS becomes a part of your marketing team. We can help your clubs be successful at reaching your members. All creative materials we create for your club can be used across many platforms like social media, web, and print.


Digital Revenue Systems is working to revolutionize the way digital signage is used in health/fitness clubs, gyms, country clubs, and community centers. We work with you to bring exceptional digital experiences into your club. We work with our clients to inform, entertain, and communicate to their member populations.

  • We create your own private, customizable digital signage network.
  • We procure the necessary hardware and software.
  • We manage the network, the content, and the hardware for you.
  • We can create in-club content for you and provide additional content streams for your network.
  • We sell advertising onto your network on your behalf and we share in the net revenue.

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