How Gyms Can Earn More With Digital Signage

Metal dumbbell on paper money.

Working in the fitness industry has presented an often hard-to-come-by opportunity: selling something you can feel good about. At the end of the day, gyms are selling a longer lifespan, less illness, feeling better inside and out, and better mental health. Heck, at the end of the day, people who are fit most times are SAVING money in the long run, right? There’s no way even the highest-end gyms can compete with the bills that result from a serious illness – many of which are preventable through a healthy diet and exercise. Nevertheless, no matter how great the product is – how important it is – it’s still a product. And to stay in business, the product has to make money.

Here’s where the often hard-to-avoid problem begins – you’ve got a finite space, with finite reach, and a finite number of people you can service. Yes, in the digital age, virtual and streaming fitness is an option. The reality is that it’s time consuming, difficult to manage, and hard to compete in the market. So how can your maximize your revenue?

Three Ways to Increase Your Revenue Through Digital Signage

Member Engagement & Entertainment

Mini communities within a fitness center are typically natural by-products of the business. People make friends through classes, programming, and staff interactions. Fostering this community is a huge success and additional revenue driver. Using digital signage is an inexpensive, fast, and easy way to help do just that. You can use your TVs to show leaderboards for fitness challenges, celebrate milestones or small wins, and showcase mini communities within your larger club-community to not only drive new interest to those communities, but make your members feel seen, heard, and celebrated. Think of this as an extension of your social media networks, but your members don’t need to follow you to be reached with the content! They need only to be using the club.

This type of signage can also provide interest and entertainment to your members while they wait. In the people business, we’re good at creating opportunities for people to stand around! They could be waiting for a smoothie, their class to start, or for an appointment. Having fresh, engaging content can make the perceived wait time feel shorter by as much as 35%! This makes for a much less bored or frustrated member, especially if wait times are longer than expected.

Increased Sales of Your Programs and Services

This won’t be news to you: there are challenges in getting members integrated into your ancillary services. First, they are overloaded with information at joining, right? Personal training, group fitness, café – all the things. So, you have to combat their ability to remember that you even offer these additional services. Then, if you manage to get over that hurdle, you still have to create value. Is the additional investment worth the member’s time or money? They’re already paying for membership, why do more?

Digital signage allows you to combat these difficulties in a non-invasive, persistent manner. With a TV ad, you’re able to provide a visual representation of the results, joy, or value that other members receive from the service. Visual confirmation that the service exists and that it will provide a result is a powerful selling tool. It’s the ability to run television commercials to your active club users!  One in five customers have been shown to make an unplanned purchase after seeing visual prompts while shopping.

Ad Sales

Finally, the “gold mine”. In addition to create a community and selling more of your other services, you can also sell ads on your network to create additional revenue! Your customers are an ideal market for local businesses. Fitness club members are typically more highly educated, wealthier, and bigger consumer. This means your rich source of local clientele is a jackpot! Most local businesses probably aren’t coming close to the number of daily customers that you see.

Interested in learning how to make the pitch to local businesses on why advertising with you is a no-brainer? Contact us at – we’ll be happy to share some tips and tricks for kicking off a community partnership program.