Enhancing the Member Experience with Digital Signage

The walk from the parking lot to your front doors can be full of anticipation, anxiety, nervousness, or excitement for your members and visitors. When the front doors open, the member is embraced in the environment of your club.  All the sights, sounds, and even the smells engage their senses as they check-in and get started with their routine. Just like music in your club, your smiling staff, and the sounds in your club, digital signage can be a visual enhancement to your member’s experience.

Think about your member journey when they come to your club. Look for key areas where your members spend a lot of their time. Or, try this exercise: You are giving a prospective member a tour of your club. Where do you take them? What do you show them?

Welcome to Your Club

A screen welcoming them into the club, showing motivational pictures and videos can get the member pumped and ready to conquer their workout. Is there a new member coming to their first class or they do not know where to go? Use digital signage as a wayfinding device. Is your class schedule easy to find and read? Use an interactive screen with your current schedule and sign-up information.

High Traffic Areas (or Zones)

High traffic areas are more than just places in your club that your members zoom past. Dwell time is a key component of a successful digital signage program. Take your cardio area. Do you already provide TVs showing regular television or videos? This is a great place to add your own digital signage. Plus, you can use the TVs that are already in that area.

You found the best spots for digital signage. Now what?

Provide tips on your screens to help your members succeed. Do more than just the random nutrition tip that a member has seen or heard several times. Focus on showing how to set up equipment correctly, cleaning procedures at the club, expectations of a member at your club, an exercise or piece of equipment of the day or week (Why you shouldn’t do bicep curls in a squat rack), importance of a spotter, and more. Be creative and on brand.

Examples of Digital Signage in Zones:

  1. Mind/Body:
    • Use digital signage to provide atmosphere by showing landscape and seasonal scenes. Remind your members on different breathing techniques. Incorporate scenes of relaxation, massage, meditation, and yoga.
  2. Café/Smoothie Bar/Snack Bar:
    • Provide your menu on digital signage. Promote your specials, promotions, healthy options, or even recipes.
  3. Cardio:
    • This is one of your largest dwell time areas and where members will be looking around a lot. Use your digital signage for in-club promotions. Remind your members to wipe down their equipment. Post reminders about events, new classes, new staff members, sponsorships, and more.

There are endless possibilities with enhancing the member experience with digital signage. With so many new technologies coming to digital signage, the member experience is only going to enhance and evolve.